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The Consumer Code for Home Builders

All new McCarthy Stone retirement homes are covered by the Consumer Code for Home Builders which gives home buyers protection and rights. Read more.

What is the Consumer Code for Home Builders?

The Consumer Code for Home Builders is an industry scheme which ensures that new home buyers are treated fairly and are fully informed about their purchase before and after they sign the contract. It also gives buyers access to independent redress if things go wrong.

How can the Code help if I’m buying a new McCarthy Stone retirement bungalow or apartment?

The Consumer Code for Home Builders will support you in the unlikely event that problems arise. Here are some examples of the protection offered:

  • Your reservation fee. We must return your reservation fee in full if you change your mind within the cooling-off period. Your reservation fee will still be refunded if you change your mind outside of the cooling-off period, minus any reasonable costs, which we must outline in advance.
  • Your deposit. We must have in place arrangements for protecting your deposit so that we can refund it in the unlikely event we go out of business before completing your home. Your home warranty body also provides cover, which may result in completion of your home.
  • High-pressure sales tactics. We are likely to be found in breach of the Code if we put you under undue pressure to make a sale.
  • Your right to cancel your contract. If we significantly change the specification of your home and did not get your agreement, or if there is an unreasonable delay in finishing the construction, you may be able to pull out of the purchase, even after exchange of contracts, and receive a full refund.
  • After-sales service. We are required to provide an after-sales service and an accessible complaints service to support you for up to two years after legal completion.

How do I find out more?

The latest version of the Consumer Code for Home Builders is available to download below. This will give you an in depth guide to what the Code covers. If you have any further questions about the Code, call their enquiries team on 0345 608 9797 or email [email protected].

Download the Consumer Code for Home Builders

What do I do if I have an issue?

If you have a concern or question your first point of call is to talk to your sales consultant or the manager of your McCarthy Stone development. We are here to help. You can talk to a member of our friendly team now by calling 0800 201 4811 or contact us online.