What is a Car Club?

Enterprise's Car Club allows you to book a car at any time day or night, for as little as 30 minutes, to a few hours, an overnight visit or a weekend away. What’s more the costs of insurance, fuel, servicing, tax and MOT are all covered in one payment, which means you’ll only ever pay for a car when you need it.

So, if you want to use a car for days outs and shopping trips, but don't want to commit to the expense and hassle of car ownership then Enterprise's Car Club is perfect for you.

The McCarthy Stone Car Club special offer

Select retirement developments up and down the country have their own car club cars conveniently parked onsite. On these developments homeowners get free membership for one year plus £50 worth of free driving! But if you don't have a car club onsite you can still qualify for a great deal, paying just £10 for the first year's annual membership (usually £60) with £10 worth of free driving time thrown in too. Plus, for longer trips, you'll get 10% off Enterprise Rent a Car. Ask your House or Estates Manager for the exclusive code.

How does the Car Club work?

Join Enterprise's Car Club in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up and select your location. Once approved, you’ll be able to get on the road using the mobile app. You can then select any one of Enterprise's vehicles and pick your reservation start/end times. You’re able to reserve vehicles in advance or on the go.
  2. Answer the on-screen questions shown as prompted to on the mobile app. As part of the prompts, you will be asked if you have checked the vehicle for damage. Conduct a thorough check using the damage evaluator tool, which is located in the glovebox, and report any damage with images to [email protected]. This will ensure that you are not held accountable for any potential pre-existing damage to the vehicle.
  3. Once you've finished your journey, return the vehicle to the pick up location and use your app to lock the vehicle for the final time. If you need a little extra time you can extend the reservation from the vehicle itself via the app.

The benefits of the Car Club:

Reserve at a moment’s notice

All cars can be reserved via the app, online or by phone, in advance or at the last minute. So whether it’s a weekend away with the family or a dash to the local shops you’ll always be able to book a vehicle using your access card or app on your mobile phone.

What’s more, if your plans change and you cancel a booking more than 5 hours in advance, there are no charges.

Cars across the UK

Your membership also gives you access to Enterprise Car Club’s fleet of over 1300+ vehicles, which are spread across over 180 cities and communities throughout the UK.

Enterprise's Car Club also has vehicles located close to 180 mainline and regional stations across the UK. This means you can take the train and pick up your Enterprise Car Club vehicle at the other end. No more queuing for taxis!

It's cost effective - and green

With Enterprise's Car Club, you only pay for the time and distance you actually need the vehicle for, meaning you have all the convenience of a vehicle, without the hassle and expense of owning one. When you book, the charges are clearly displayed and the price guarantee means you will be charged at the daily rate if it’s lower than the hourly rate. All Enterprise Car Club cars are fuel efficient or electric to be better for the environment too.

If you’d like to know more about our Car Club, then contact your House or Estates Manager or call

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Find out more about our Car Club

Start a reservation

How to start a reservation

Once you have selected your location follow the below steps to start a reservation:

  • Check the vehicle for damage before you get in
  • Unlock your reserved enterprise car club vehicle, or using the contactless card linked to your account.
  • The green light will indicate that the vehicle is unlocked.
  • Get into the vehicle and remember to unplug if using an EV.
  • Reach into the glove box enter your pin and remove the fob attached to the keys.