Our Values

We take pride in the work we do

Our driving ambition is to create retirement communities that enrich the lives of our customers, their families and our employees.

We consulted with our c.2,500 colleagues to discover what they believe the values of the company are. From House Managers to Construction Directors – they sent in the principles they personally hold dear. From the many ‘values’ suggested, a strong pattern formed, and from this firm foundation we created our Company Values.

Our company values consist of five cornerstone principles: passion, responsibility, innovation, determination and excellence (PRIDE). These values are used as a guide to conduct our business, from key decisions to day-to-day activities. These values are widely communicated across the business to ensure alignment with strategic aims and to actively encourage a culture that promotes teamwork, involvement and empowerment at all levels of the Group. We take pride in the work we do.

By living up to these values, and bringing them into our day-to-day work, we achieve our ultimate aim of enriching the lives of our customers, their families, and our employees.

  • Be passionate about everything you do
  • Focus on contributing to an excellent experience for our customers
  • Work to inspire and motivate colleagues, working together
  • Put energy into making us the best we can be