Driving Positive Change

Many aspects of society are holding Britain back from moving up this table – from a deep misunderstanding of what it means to be old, to embedded ageism, to a general lack of focus and understanding of what older people really need. In turn, this impacts the quality of life of many older people, including their health and happiness. Action is needed by everyone to address this, including policymakers, individuals, the media and society.

And it is possible to address these challenges. The following recommendations show how this can be achieved and are based on the findings and research in this report. Taken together, they would make a significant contribution to knitting society back together, unlocking purpose and value in later life and fuelling a social boom of fuller living at both ends of the age spectrum.

As we emerge from the constraints of a global pandemic with a clearer view of the real needs of an ageing population, now is the time for action.

This is McCarthy Stone’s manifesto.

Tackling Misrepresentation