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McCarthy & Stone Resales

If you are looking to buy or sell a previously owned McCarthy & Stone apartment, then we can help.

McCarthy & Stone Resales is our new in-house service specialising solely in selling McCarthy & Stone managed retirement apartments. The majority of our managed apartments increase in value on resale, and those resold through our in-house Resales team achieve an average of c.4% net price increase.

Our service ensures that whether you are looking to buy or sell a preowned retirement apartment, you'll be in safe hands. 

Our Promise

An enhanced retirement experience

Taking the first step towards retirement living involves much more than simply deciding to buy a home that’s better suited to your needs.

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  • Secure & Safe
  • The Right Level of Care
Mary Heath
Mary and Raymond Heath, McCarthy & Stone Residents
Michael Byrne
Michael Byrne, McCarthy & Stone Resident
Ann Girling
Ann Girling, McCarthy & Stone Resident

"We're much happier well I am yes! I mean I did have some doubts, what am I going to do you know stuck in now the two-bedroom apartment all day long with nothing to do and now I am working out when am I going to get a break!"

Mary and Raymond Heath, McCarthy & Stone Residents  

"I've thought about this and there's only one word to us that describes this place and that's Utopia it's absolutely fantastic!"

Michael Byrne, McCarthy & Stone Resident 

"In the summer we had Elvis night he had his flashing lights going everyone was up dancing! It got hot so we all went out to the patio and people were walking past looking in saying what are those old people doing in there!"

Ann Girling, McCarthy & Stone Resident  

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