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As the UK’s leading retirement property developer, we’re proud to offer retirement bungalows for sale in some of the country’s most sought-after locations. Better still, our retirement bungalows feature modern designs and layouts that can help maximise the enjoyment and boost the quality of living for their homeowners.

Browse the luxury retirement bungalows we have to buy

Browse the retirement bungalows currently for sale to find your perfect retirement accommodation.

Contact us today if you have any questions, or if you want to know where in the UK you can find retirement villages with bungalows, take a look at these listings we’ve put together.

elliott garrood gardens retirement properties for sale

The benefits of a retirement bungalow

From previous research, we know that millions of British retirees would prefer to move into a bungalow, this being down to the benefits they can provide:

  • They offer stair-free, single-story layouts.
  • Ergonomic, open layouts that lend themselves to easy living.
  • There’s less maintenance and upkeep required with fewer rooms.

Another positive is that bungalows actively encourage you to downsize, it’s likely your retirement bungalow will be smaller than your previous home, it creates an incentive to have a clear out and get a new start.

You can learn more about the benefits of downsizing in your retirement in this helpful guide.

elliott garrood gardens retirement properties for sale

The benefits of a McCarthy Stone retirement bungalow

When you choose to buy one of our retirement bungalows, you don’t just get the benefits that come with living in these properties, you can make the most of everything that’s on offer when you become a McCarthy Stone homeowner.

We can help make your move into a retirement bungalow much easier with our Smooth Move service. Plus, if you want to sell your property in good time, our Part Exchange service could be just what you need. You can see all the ways we can support you on our ‘How we help’ page.

To get a sneak peek at what life is like in our accommodation, take a look through our Homeowner Stories. One example is Mr and Mrs Bane, who, after downsizing for retirement, and are now enjoying an exciting new chapter in life, in their bungalow in Hadleigh.