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Old Hall Street, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 8NG
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McCarthy Stone, the housebuilder behind The Cedars, a Retirement Living development on Old Hall Street, has donated £500 to a community minibus service in Malpas. 

Serving people in and around Malpas for over 3 years, the Malpas Community Minibus Service (affectionately known as Rosie’s bus) helps charities and local community organisations who have no access to transport or need specialist help to get around the village and further afield.

The bus service is entirely run and managed by village volunteers, and relies on donations and sponsorship to transport residents. It can accommodate up to 13 passengers and is fully accessible to wheelchair users. 

The number of trips the minibus has been able to make in recent times has been reduced due to Covid, however ordinarily the minibus transports members of the Malpas Opal Club to and from their twice weekly club at Craddock Court, as well as groups like the Friday Friends, Youth Centre and several local schools, benefiting people of all ages.

Recently, additional Covid safety measures such as new protective screens for the drivers and deep cleaning materials have seen running costs for the minibus increase.

John Webb, one of the organisers of the Malpas Community Minibus Service, commented, “The minibus provides a valuable transport service to those who need it. In Malpas the public bus service ends around 5pm so the minibus provides more opportunity and increased flexibility for older people especially, but people of all ages, to access cultural events, social activities and make regular trips to Wrexham for shopping and other excursions when they want to. 

“It is great to receive donations to help cover the costs of the service, especially as we have been hit with some unforeseen costs due to Covid. The support from McCarthy Stone will go towards the continued running costs of the bus and repairs."

Emma O’Connor, Sales Consultant for The Cedars, comments: “We are delighted to support the Malpas Community Minibus Service as it provides an excellent service that we think many of our residents at The Cedars will want to take advantage of. 

“As a company we appreciate that our responsibilities go further than developing quality retirement properties – we also seek to create a positive legacy and make a difference in the communities in which we build.”