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Discover a coastal resort with a rich history 

If you’re considering retiring by the coast, then our retirement properties in Southsea are a great choice. Southsea’s a fabulous location that really is one of Britain’s best. It’s home to beautiful beaches, a stunning seafront and historical attractions that mean it’s easy to fill the days. 

The location of our retirement homes in Southsea means it’s easy to enjoy your retirement. Located in the historic port city of Portsmouth, Southsea’s beautiful views are the stuff of legend. Take a stroll along Eastney Esplanade to experience the best of these. On a bright, clear day, you can see as far as the Isle of Wight. 

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Leisure Activities

Leisure Activities in Southsea 

Southsea’s seafront location means it’s a great spot if you’d like to keep active on the water. Southsea Rowing Club is committed to providing a healthy, fun, competitive environment for rowers of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re an accomplished rower or you’re just getting started, they have a place for you.

On dry land, there’s also Wimbledon Park Sports Centre. There’s a sports hall here where you can keep active and a gym with over 20 stations. Five indoor courts mean there’s a special focus on badminton, but they also have a range of outdoor activities, including pole walking sessions that are perfect for retirees. 

Jackie Follett Testimonial

"As if moving into my beautiful new apartment wasn’t enough, everything that led up to the move was handled by McCarthy Stone. I couldn’t believe how easy it all turned out to be; I was left with just two boxes to unpack which suited me and Meira just fine"