Retirement living in the south east

Here in the UK’s sunniest region, you’ll discover gorgeous seaside towns, quintessential country villages and bustling suburban communities. You’ll find our retirement properties in the South East in all of these locations, so you can enjoy your golden years in a way that suits you.


Retirement Properties near South East Properties available

Retire to the South East 



 The region’s cities are diverse and have so much to offer if you’re looking for a livelier atmosphere and easy access to amenities. From South London’s collection of village-like communities within the bustle of the capital to Brighton’s bohemian, artistic atmosphere, and from Canterbury’s world-famous historic sites to Windsor’s grand architecture and elegant green spaces, there’s a city to suit all lifestyles, no matter what you’re looking for from your retirement.


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Types of developments

Want to know the difference between Retirement Living and Retirement Living PLUS properties? Discover which is the right for your lifestyle here.
McCarthy Stone Resales team member explains the process of selling a retirement flat to a retiree.

Flexible occupancy options

You’ve found an amazing apartment‚ but do you want buy it, rent it, or Part Buy, Part Rent? Find an option to suit you.
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Cut your living costs

Concerned about the rising cost of living? Don’t compromise! McCarthy Stone can help you cut your costs and still enjoy the lively lifestyle you deserve.
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