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A lively city that always has a story to tell

Norwich is also known as ‘the city of stories’. It’s a place that beautifully blends modern buildings with historic structures and iconic sights. Plus, you’ll also find plenty of cosy pubs, busy tourist attractions and must-visit locations that you’ll love seeing time and time again.

Norwich is a city that promotes independence and creativity. So, close to our retirement homes in Norwich, you’ll uncover lots of independent retailers and creative people. Whether you’re interested in uncovering history, immersing yourself in the arts or exploring the great British countryside, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on the doorstep of our retirement homes in Norwich.

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Norwich’s beautiful Romanesque cathedral is one of the city’s highlights, and you can see the city’s 315ft spire from almost anywhere in the city. Cathedral Close and the stunning grounds are incredibly popular when the sun is shining. But, inside, you’ll find medieval graffiti, a beautifully ornate ceiling and a stunning pulpitum. There’s over 900 years of history to uncover here, so be sure to take advantage of a free guided tour, too.

Elsewhere in the city, you’ll find a domineering castle to explore, one of the largest markets in England and ancient buildings such as St Andrew's Hall.

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Ann Girling

"In the summer we had an Elvis night. We had flashing lights going, everyone was up dancing! It got hot so we all went out to the patio and people were walking past looking in saying what are those old people doing in there!"