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A 'small city with a big story' that can be the perfect place in which to retire

This city and Lancashire county town is vibrant, steeped in history and has plenty to offer in terms of sights, attractions and culture. Unlike larger cities it’s also more reserved and serene and as such it can be ideal for those who want the right mix of amenities and entertainment during their retirement, without the hustle and bustle you can get in some urban areas. What’s more, our retirement homes in Lancaster could provide the luxury living needed to enjoy all this and truly top off your richly deserved golden years in this great city.

Retirement Homes in Lancaster

Retire to Lancaster


Lancaster Castle is one of the city’s most famous attractions and has in fact only been open to tourists since 2013. Despite being over 1,000 years old, the fortress area was still a functioning prison until recently, but is now a museum that offers a look at the history of the UK’s criminal justice system.

It might surprise you to know that Lancaster was once one of the country’s busiest ports and this history is detailed in the Maritime Museum. The River Lune which cuts through the city used to see daily fleets of tall ships coming in from the Atlantic, and in the stunning Georgian building which was once the customs house, you and the family could learn all about this interesting period in time.