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A charming cathedral city in the 'Garden of England', Canterbury is a popular and wonderful place to enjoy your retirement

Canterbury is one of the UK’s most popular places to live and visit, and with so much to offer it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s the rich history and heritage, variety of attractions, top amenities and transport connections or the wealth of peaceful green spaces, the city certainly affords its residents a high quality of life. As such it’s also a fantastic place to retire in and by moving into one of our retirement homes in Canterbury you’ll get to enjoy everything the city has to offer, plus our fantastic luxury living options.


Retirement Homes in Canterbury

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You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to historical attractions when living at our retirement homes in Canterbury. One fascinating example is the ruin of St Augustine’s Abbey, an English Heritage site that’s said to house the remains of the Saint himself. As well as being able to view the Abbey, there’s also a museum which has a variety of interesting exhibits and displays showing ancient artefacts and relics excavated from the site.

Another big draw is the now pedestrianised Old City and the museum dedicated to Chaucer’s famous stories that are the city’s namesake, The Canterbury Tales. As well as detailing the life of the poet, there are lots of interactive displays inside the museum and even re-enactments of famous parts from the tales.