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With a busy town centre, a rich industrial heritage and the entire city of London within easy reach, Luton is an ideal place to start a new adventure. Our retirement properties in Luton allow you to enjoy a retirement that’s as relaxing or as active as you like. Whether you’d rather be close to the rambles of the Chiltern Hills or the town’s centre, our properties provide you with the best of both worlds. 

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Whipsnade Zoo, Luton


Just a few miles out from Luton, you'll enter the Chiltern Hills, a 300-square-mile Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that stretches all the way from Oxfordshire to Hertfordshire. You'll also find expansive views from the highest point in the county in the Dunstable Downs, thousands of animals at the massive ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and a number of charming hamlets and villages dotted throughout the area.

There are also around 400 County Wildlife Sites spread around the county, with almost 20 of them around Luton itself. Plus, you can also see more than 20 species of butterfly at Galley and Warden Hills, foxes and deer at Bradgers Hill, or intriguing wildflowers at Dallow Downs.

Wrest Park, Luton


From the 800-year-old St Mary's Church to the modern hat-making and automotive industries, there's plenty to admire around the town. You can visit the Wardown Park Museum, which includes a collection of military and textile items housed in a Victorian mansion, or take a tour of the Stockwood Discovery Centre, the home of the largest horse-drawn carriage collection in the UK.

A little further out from the centre, you can visit the Paris-inspired country house at Wrest Park, which covers over 100 acres of land and 40 statues, or see the ruins of the 15th century Someries Castle near Hyde.

Retirement homes in Luton location page


Luton itself is home to a busy and thriving community. The town offers a range of clubs and activities, so you’ll find it easy to make friends. From the Theatrical Club to the Bedfordshire Association of Church Bell Ringers, you’re sure to find a social group that will include like-minded people. It’s the perfect chance to start a new hobby, too!

If you’d rather enjoy a night out, then you can watch amateur or professional drama, films and music of all types at The Luton Library Theatre, which is situated in Luton Central Library. The area is also surrounded by a number of bars where you can watch the world go by and restaurants specialising in world foods ranging from authentic Italian pizzas to speciality Chinese cuisine.

Dunstable Downs, Luton


Whether you're out for a scenic hike or to try a challenging sport, there is plenty to help you keep up a busy retirement around Luton.

There are nearly 30 golf courses and almost 20 tennis clubs dotted in the area, and there are miles of walking trails and cycling paths to explore around the Chiltern Hills. You can also hang glide and paraglide from the heights of Dunstable Downs, the base for the London Gliding Club, or get involved in the community sports centre at the Luton Sports Village.

A retirement home in Luton means a whole lot more than just Luton itself. Milton Keynes, Bedford and Aylesbury are just a 40-minute drive away, and a journey to London is only half an hour by train, which means action-packed day trips are always within reach.

If you'd like a retirement home surrounded by sleepy villages, natural beauty and a busy urban centre, see if one of our retirement properties in Luton is a good fit.

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