Find out how our fantastic foundation helps charities and organisations to change lives across the UK for the better while strengthening links between generations.


Health and wellbeing of older people


We will champion the health and wellbeing of older people in the community by:

  • Providing grant funding to community charities supporting the needs of older people
  • Partnering with charities who actively engage older people in community activities
  • Actively facilitating opportunities for volunteering
  • Advocating and campaigning for older people

Helping young people overcome educational challenges


We will support the educational challenges of young people through intergenerational programmes by:

  • Committing volunteering days every year to support children with additional learning needs
  • Building long-term partnerships with charities, local schools, and community groups
  • Providing grant funding for charities and community groups supporting children with additional learning needs
  • Promoting intergenerational learning opportunities

Creating and enhancing community spaces


We will create and enhance community spaces that bring people together and foster connection and opportunity by:

  • Contributing to the development of 50 urban community spaces
  • Distributing a minimum of £25k in 2021 for regenerating community spaces
  • Ensure community spaces are accessible and able to be enjoyed by all ages
  • Promoting opportunities for generations to enjoy work and recreation together
  • Bringing together communities through volunteering
  • Partnering with community charities to develop sustainable community spaces

How does the foundation support people?

The foundation builds long-term partnerships and helps community programmes, providing much-needed financial grants, volunteers, and resources to charities and organisations who support the wellbeing of older people, the educational needs of young people and the urban regeneration of communities.

Charity partnerships

Long-term charity partnerships include supporting The Royal Voluntary Service and national literacy charity Coram Beanstalk.



The Foundation awards one-off grants to registered charities and organisations who share common goals.



Volunteers are the backbone of the foundation. It welcomes new volunteers and also requests from organisations who need support.

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