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Reclaiming your access to healthcare

Before you can access any NHS services you will also need to meet several eligibility requirements. You can find out more about this in another guide here.

Returning to the UK - Expat Guide - McCarthy Stone
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Posted 07 July 2021
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Expats moving back to the UK: healthcare tips

Your health is hugely important no matter where you are in the world. However, as an expat moving back to the UK, healthcare isn’t an automatic entitlement, you need to put the right steps in place to access it.

Before you move back to the UK, you need to prove you’ve returned to live here and that you meet the ordinary residence test. If you don’t, it’s likely you’ll be unable to access free healthcare and can unnecessarily put yourself at risk.

Details of this process for proving your return and the forms you need to complete can be found here on this Government page, which mostly includes residence details, employment status and filling out a GMS1 form. In addition you should also think about the following:

Expats health information - McCarthy Stone

Find local doctors and dentists

When you’ve chosen where you’re going to live, you’ll need to register with a GP and a dentist. You can find a full list of NHS practices online, but you’ll need to prove you’re eligible.

If you’re planning on buying or renting one of our retirement properties, we can help you with this.

Expats health information - McCarthy Stone

Check you have your medication

Some waiting lists are longer than others depending on location. It’s worth stocking up on your medication (if needed) before you move so you have plenty of reserves.

Expats health information - McCarthy Stone

Get a copy of your medical records

While your medical records should be securely transferred across to your new NHS practice, as a precaution you may also want to get a copy before you move. Find out how to access your health records here.

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