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How to become a good neighbour

Read our ‘how to be a good neighbour guide’ and turn your neighbours into good friends.

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Health and wellbeing
Posted 29 March 2021
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How to become a good neighbour

Read our ‘how to be a good neighbour guide’ and turn your neighbours into good friends.


Good neighbour guide

From feeding cats and watering plants, to organising Neighbourhood Watch schemes to protect homes or street parties to celebrate the summer, good neighbourly relationships are the cornerstone of a strong community. Knowing neighbours makes people happier in their homes, stops minor disputes becoming major issues and combats loneliness by helping people to feel that they belong.

Five tips for starting and maintaining a good relationship with your neighbours.

     1. Give them a warm welcome

The easiest and most natural time to make yourself known to your neighbours is when they first move in. Simply introducing yourself in person, or with a note, card or even a welcoming gift, can go a long way in building a relationship in the long run.

2. Keep up the communication

If you’ve never really met your neighbours formally, then a simple smile, nod or “hello” when you see them out and about is a great place to start. It builds a foundation for when you eventually do need to speak to them. And it  is not only good manners, it can help both of your mental health.



3. Lend a hand - or ask for help

Kind gestures, like lending someone some tools, sharing produce from your garden, feeding pets, or offering to pick up some shopping while you’re out, go a long way and build up credit if you ever need a favour too. Surprisingly, because most people like to feel useful, asking for help is also a good way to strengthen neighbourly feeling and shows you like and trust the person you are asking – plus it gives them the confidence to ask for your support one day too.


4. Research your area

There are multiple benefits to making friends in the community, and there will soon be more opportunities to visit places at the heart of the community to speak with other locals. Whether that’s the pub, your nearest place of worship, down the shops, or at the community centre, there are plenty of places to say “hello”.

5. Use technology

Nowadays there are a number of ways to find out what’s going on in your local area, whether that’s through local Facebook groups or the app Nextdoor, which give you the chance to chat and exchange information online about all sorts from bin collection days to where you can buy and sell items. Or why not search for a local good neighbour scheme? It can help you find opportunities to volunteer in your area.

McCarthy Stone is all about good neighbours and strong communities

"Our neighbours are now our friends and we are happy, comfortable and safe in the knowledge that we have help and advice when needed.”

Homeowner, Beatty Court, Nantwich

McCarthy Stone creates award-winning retirement homes for sale or for rent — but our homeowners turn these developments into vibrant communities.

One of the greatest benefits of being a McCarthy Stone homeowner is becoming part of a community of remarkable individuals, who embody a ‘life, well lived’. Explore our properties here.

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