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Land acquisition: sell your land to us

You can sell your land to us in complete confidence

Buying land for our developments is an essential part of our business

We self finance our land acquisitions and over the last few years we have bought on average 54 sites per annum, with the intention of continuing this success going forward. We provide a professional, reliable and friendly land acquisition service and if you have land to sell we will do our very best to ensure that you have a positive and profitable experience.

  • For over 40 years we have pioneered the concept of purpose built owner occupied retirement properties. We lead the market in what we do, and have further introduced a range of tenures and retirement housing products.
  • We have a wealth of expertise and experience in buying sites, designing buildings and obtaining planning permissions, so you can rely on us for a smooth acquisition process.
  • We rarely fail to complete a land purchase because we are experts in securing planning consents for the specialist type of housing that we promote to local authorities.
  • We buy land across England and Wales.
  • We pay a generous introductory fee if you help us to find a suitable site.
  • We consider land purchase deals that are subject to planning as well as unconditional contacts and option agreements.
  • We never shy away from a challenge, which means that we will often buy land that other developers have decided is ‘too difficult’ (particularly from a town planning perspective).
  • We have experience of dealing with ‘difficult’ sites – for example, sites in need of remediation, sites in conservation areas, mixed use sites, and sites that are in areas prone to flooding.

Please refer to our Land Wanted Brochure for more details of our products and land criteria. 

If you have or know of some land that may be for sale, please complete this form, or email [email protected]