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Home to the ridges and valleys of the Weald and the hills of the North Downs, it's no wonder that Kent's known as ‘the Garden of England’. However, when you're finding the perfect place for your next grand adventure, you don't always have to choose between fresh air and busy cities. Take a look at our retirement properties in Kent to find a beautiful retreat within reach of the capital.


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As a county wrapped in coastline, Kent has deep roots in maritime history. The Historic Dockyard in Chatham covers more than 400 years of warships, including HMS Victory, the flagship of Lord Nelson. The Dover Museum, meanwhile, holds the Bronze Age Boat, the oldest sea vessel known to man.

Further inland, you'll find tours of famous manors, such as the homes of Charles Darwin and Winston Churchill, or the preserved Roman Villa at Lullingstone, which dates back to 100 AD. You can also discover Kent's many museums, including the Canterbury Roman Museum and the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre in Faversham.

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Want to know the difference between Retirement Living and Retirement Living PLUS properties? Discover which is the right for your lifestyle here.
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You’ve found an amazing apartment‚ but do you want buy it, rent it, or Part Buy, Part Rent? Find an option to suit you.
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