Zombie Pasta

Get creative with cooking and show your grandchildren your gruesome side with this gory dish! 

  • COOK 40
  • LEVEL easy
  • BATCH Serves 4


  • 250g linguine 
  • 1 190g jar of green pesto (or use homemade pesto)
  • 10 pcs hot dogs
  • 1-2 tbsp ketchup
  • 1 large white onion
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Salt to taste
  • Green food colouring (optional)


  1. Cook the Linguine according to package direction, but add a few drops of green food colouring in your pasta water before boiling. This is optional but will definitely add some "icky" and "eww' factor when you serve the pasta.
  2. Set aside when cooked.
  3. For the "severed fingers", cut your hot dogs in half, horizontally.
  4. In the rounded end of the hot dog make a shallow square-shaped cut to make the fingernails. Make three small cuts in the middle part.
  5. Boil your hot dogs until cooked.
  6. Cut your white onions into small square pieces to resemble fingernails.
  7. Microwave your onions for about 30 seconds in a shallow plate with a splash of water to cook it.
  8. Squeeze a small dollop of ketchup on your fingernail and attach the cooked white onion pieces to make them look like bloody fingernails.
  9. In a small pan, heat your pesto and add the cooked linguine. Sprinkle with salt and parmesan cheese to taste.
  10. Transfer in a serving dish and garnish with your "severed fingers".

Recipe taken from The Peach Kitchen.