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Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

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Posted 01 June 2020
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Spring Clean You Wardrobe

Whittle down your wardrobe so that everything you own makes you feel good.


Cue the capsule wardrobe: a collection of essential items of clothing that won’t go out of fashion. The term, coined by British fashion icon Susie Faux in the 70s, was designed to encourage us all to fill our wardrobes with quality, much loved garments that can be worn time and time again.

Several decades on, it’s a phrase many of us revive, especially come spring when our wardrobes – and what’s in them – may feel a little tired.

From personalising an item with different buttons or embroidery, to sending your ‘throw it’ items straight to the charity shop, we’ve gathered our top tips for decluttering and rediscovering your wardrobe to find those clothes you love.


Love it or throw it! No matter how long something hangs in your wardrobe for, you will only wear it if you love it. 

Make a simple change

Changing or adding to an outfit can make it seem brand new. Opt for a different colour shirt, tie, jumper or accessory. A stylish, statement silk scarf or choice of shoes can change the whole look and feel.

Embrace the layers

Layering is a great way to give your existing wardrobe a boost. Wear a vest top in the same colour as your bottoms and add a contrasting top or cardi.

Mix & match

Mixing and matching your wardrobe makes your clothes work hard for you
– and you can have some great fun too! Take an outfit you wore only once for a special occasion and pair the formal jacket with jeans.


Give your favourite accessories a new lease of life by investing in some leather polish to clean up your shoes and handbags.

Treat yourself to something new each season

Whether it’s a new season signature jacket, cashmere sweater or a beautiful, floral cotton scarf, treat yourself to one new item per season to team with your capsule wardrobe.

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