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Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring is the perfect time to declutter your wardrobe and revamp your look. Read our five step guide on how to spring clean your wardrobe.

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Posted 09 May 2024
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Spring clean your wardrobe —the ultimate five step guide 

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams with clothes you never wear? Decluttering your space not only makes the clothes you do want easier to find, but it can make you feel happier too. The aim is to create a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of classic clothes that you love. The term, coined by British fashion icon Susie Faux in the 70s, encourages us to only own quality garments that are worn time and time again. 
Our five step guide to how to spring clean your wardrobe helps you  to whittle down your clothing, so that every piece you own is useful and worn regularly.

Step 1: Start small 

If the task feels overwhelming, break it down into small chunks. Start with your underwear drawer or the work your way from one side of the wardrobe to the other. Put on some music and reward yourself with a cup of tea when you finish a section. 

a group of different colored towels

Step 2. Try your clothes on in front of a mirror

We all hang on to clothes we don’t wear —for sentimental reasons, because we think we’ll squeeze back into them one day or because we feel guilty about the money we spent.  Try them on and be honest with yourself.  

Ask yourself:

• Does this fit?

• Does it look good?

• Is it comfortable to wear?

• Is it in good condition?

• Do I actually want to wear it?* 

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, it’s a keeper. If you answered no to any of them, it probably needs to go. The good news is you may rediscover some clothing gems you’d forgotten about!
*(TIP: If you haven’t actually worn the item for at least a year, the answer is probably no!)

Step 3. Divide your clothes into piles: 

As you work through your clothes, divide them into clearly defined piles:

• Clothes to keep

• Clothes to sell —sites like Vinted make it easy to make a bit of money out of your old clothes- especially if they are now vintage!

• Clothes to donate— take clean, good quality clothing to your local charity shop

• Clothes to recycle —clothes that are faded, stained or torn can be recycled. Look out for recycling bins in supermarket carparks as well as at the local recycling centre.

a closet full of clothes

Step 4: Organise your ‘keep’ pile

Sort your clothes into piles of similar things: trousers, tops, jumpers etc and organise them into groups in your wardrobe. Invest in new hangers, storage boxes or shoe stands to keep things tidy. This will make your clothes easier to find and it will look more pleasing too. Consider storing seasonal clothes for next year to reduce the clutter even further—you can buy clothes storage bags that fit under your bed to be retrieved once the weather changes.

Step 5: Treat yourself to something new

Congratulations. You now have a capsule wardrobe packed with clothes you know you love and want to wear, but you may also have identified some gaps. This is the perfect opportunity to add a piece or two for the new season. Think about items that will enhance your existing clothes—a stylish, statement silk scarf or new shoes can change the whole look and feel of an existing outfit. And, whether it’s a new season signature jacket, cashmere sweater or a beautiful, floral cotton dress, why not treat yourself, refresh your style and give your wardrobe some extra va va voom? After all that hard work you deserve it.

Inspired to up your spring cleaning game?

Read our guide to decluttering your home and if your decluttering with the aim of downsizing you home, it might be useful to know that our free smooth move package includes a decluttering service to help make your move easier.

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