What does it Mean to be ‘Young at Heart’?

According to a recent report, moving to a McCarthy Stone retirement property can make you feel up to 10 years younger†. To celebrate this, we’ve launched our Grow Young with Us campaign, highlighting the ways that you can feel younger in your retirement years. 

Many of our residents often tell us that they feel ‘young at heart’. But, what does this mean? To find out, we asked a selection of them about their retirement and the things that help them feel young.

What is Being ‘Young at Heart’ All About? 

If you believe that ‘age is just a number’, then you’re likely to feel ‘young at heart’. After all, being ‘young at heart’ is an outlook and a state of mind, so it’s something anyone can feel. 
People often focus on the present and the immediate future when not worrying about their age. They also often have an incredibly positive outlook and they search for the joy that’s present in everyday life, focusing on enjoying what they have, rather than on what they don’t have or what they’ve lost.

The Views of Our Residents

To help find out about how you can feel ‘young at heart’ in your retirement, we spoke to a few of our residents about the little things that help them feel younger.
Here’s what they had to say:

“A Passion for Fitness”
Marie Bird (91), Bilberry Place: “I have a passion for fitness, so I fill my days with classes like Pilates and Legs, Bums and Tums. I only took up exercise in my 60s, but it just goes to show that it’s never too late to find a new hobby. 

Exercise helps me stay fit and flexible, so I feel as happy and young now as I did in my 60s.”

“A Great Adventure”
Ann Girling (70), Waterman House: “I always wanted to travel the world in my retirement, and I funded a long-awaited safari by selling my home and downsizing. When I moved into my McCarthy Stone property, I made a new best friend called Dorothy Earlam (80). Now, we plan to go to South Africa together! 

We love spending time together and her friendship helps me feel even younger. We have such a great adventure planned and we can’t wait to see ‘the big five’.”

“Appreciate the Love and Support”

Colin Mackay (67) and Pat Mackay (65), North Berwick: “We’ve been married for 35 years now and we always keep each other feeling strong. We don’t think of ourselves as ‘old’, but we did want to downsize our home so we spent less time on upkeep and maintenance. 

Now, we love spending time with each other in the apartment, but we also really enjoy meeting the other residents. We’re naturally very sociable people, and we really appreciate the love and support we’re offered by people on the development.” 

“I (Colin) play a lot of walking football and I always try to convince everyone at the development to get involved. I’ve made so many new friends here, and there’s a real support network where everyone helps and cares for each other. When you feel supported, you always feel younger because you have extra confidence to do the things you love.”

“Fantastic Friends”

Margaret Brannan (70), Milward Place: “There’s such a great community here and I have fantastic friends. This means I never feel lonely and there’s always someone around for a coffee and a chat when I fancy one. I love the events and they make me feel younger. We have sherry and pizza afternoons, coffee mornings and meals out.

Thanks to the events, I don’t feel my age at all. Instead, I’m really excited about all the things I can get involved with and share with my friends.”

What you can do to Feel Younger

In addition to moving into a McCarthy Stone property, there are a number of things you can do to feel ‘young at heart’. Here are our top three recommendations:

Take Regular Trips Outside
Whether you want to ramble, cycle or visit the seaside, being outside and experiencing nature can help improve your mood and make you feel a little more full of life.

Try New Things and Make New Friends
Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone can do you the world of good. Starting a new hobby can help teach you new skills and help you make new friends. By getting new experiences and insights, you’ll always feel like you’re improving as a person.

Live for Today
Children rarely think beyond the current day and adults who are ‘young at heart’ are similar. Each day is an opportunity for an experience or adventure, so go out and grab that opportunity with both hands!

†Based on a selection of national well-being criteria such as happiness and life satisfaction, an average person aged 80 feels as good as someone 10 years younger after moving from mainstream housing to housing specially designed for later living.