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We want to help make the UK the best place to grow old which is why we commission research into retirement living including downsizing benefits and more

The Guide To Later Life

Discover the answers to all your questions about retirement with our guide to later life! Download the PDF on Life & Living!

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Reports and research
Posted 01 November 2013
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The Guide To Later Life

All your questions answered!

When is it best to downsize? How do I find extra income if needed? Where do I go when I need more care and support? These are just some of the problems often faced as we get  older, so we are delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of The Guide to Later Life – Practical Guidance and Tips, our free guide for families.

Available to download, our new guide aims to provide an introduction to the challenging issues in later life. It includes contributions from a pool of experts, as well as people who have a personal experience of the issues themselves - from specialists in care, dementia and terminal illness, to former MP Edwina Currie who writes about her and her Mother’s experience with downsizing.

We find that many people often find it difficult to talk about the things that worry them most, so the guide also includes a range of tips on how to go talk directly and sensitively to loved ones about the most difficult issues. Working together to identify solutions not only provides peace of mind, but can help everyone to share their feelings and concerns.

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