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Unveiling The Colour Report

Gone is the grey army - retirees say life is colourful, vibrant and active. We ask retirees for their views on what living life in retirement today is like.

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Reports and research
Posted 02 November 2015
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Unveiling The Colour Report

McCarthy Stone unveils the Colour Report

We asked retirees for their views on what living life in retirement today is really like.

More than 2,500 people aged 55+ answered our call to take part in the study. This fantastic response has enabled us to delve into the lives of retirees and helps us to paint a true picture of post-work living. 

We are now proud to launch The Colour Report which aims to dispel the myths of retirement, to uncover the truths about growing old and to encourage society to move on from stereotypical views about chronological age. It makes for fascinating reading, revealing that retirees don’t believe old age starts until their late 70s, feel up to 20 years younger than their biological age, and consider living life to the full more important than leaving an inheritance for their children.

The report explores the ever-evolving reality of what it means to be retired, and uncovers the active and varied lifestyles of later-lifers. Being in the prime of their lives, they buy clothes from the same shops as their grandchildren, listen to some of the same music and use social media to keep in touch. These are people who are Ageless, with young-at-heart dreams and ambitions who are embracing independent and active lives for as long as possible.

The Colour Report has some reassuring findings for people who are approaching retirement and may be concerned about this next chapter in their lives. It shows that retirees are making the most of their twilight years by fulfilling lifelong dreams and ambitions now that they have the money and time to do so. A number are embracing new experiences like travelling the world, writing books, learning to dance and gaining new qualifications.It also provides some vital insights into why just over three quarters (79%) of retirees feel younger than their true age (79%).

The findings combine to highlight the shifting attitudes and growing independence of today’s retirees, and demonstrate how their generation is more special and radical than generations before them. These individuals are starting to rewrite the definition of growing old in a positive way to become the most colourful generation of retirees the nation has ever seen!Wwe as a society must continue to adjust to the changing evolution of this new ‘Ageless Society’. 

And what a colourful picture it paints.

To view the report, click here

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