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Never Too Late To Learn Something New

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Hobbies and interests
Posted 25 May 2020
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Never too late to learn something new

Is there a moment in history you'd like to know more about? A talent you secretly wish you'd nurtured?


Whether there's a language you adore that you'd like to learn, an idea for a book that you've never got round to writing, or an art or craft that you'd like to master, now's the perfect time to give it a go!

The outbreak of coronavirus has forced us all to slow down, to stay home, and as a result we have much more time on our hands. This time gives us an opportunity; a chance to be creative and imaginative, to learn and discover a new skill. Generations of all ages are in search of new hobbies to spark interest and excitement in their day to day lives – embracing the positives and the endless possibilities.

Thanks to books, journals and the internet, there’s so many fantastic resources available, inspiring, teaching and encouraging us to discover (or rediscover) something we enjoy. There’re bundles of online courses ready and waiting, from universities such as Open Learn and Future Learn to YouTube and Skillshare sharing video tutorials.

Whatever your age, your brain still has an astonishing ability to learn and this should be an opportunity to find the thing you love. From the arts, history and literature, to music, languages, cooking and digital technology – there’s something out there for all interests and abilities and you could very quickly find yourself immersed in a topic that you now don’t want to leave.

To get you started, we’ve shared a few ideas but don’t be limited to the options listed here, as there really is something for everyone out there. A great place to start is YouTube, but online shops such as Not On The Highstreet selling at-home starter kits are also fabulous to get you going, particularly with arts and crafts.

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