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The Financial Benefits Of Part Exchange

Learn how easy Part Exchange can be with McCarthy Stone's simple process - taking the stress and expense out of moving home!

Part exchange financial benefits
Financial advice
Posted 10 November 2016
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The Financial Benefits Of Part Exchange

Learn how Part Exchange can make the moving process a whole lot easier!

When you Part Exchange your house for an apartment in one of McCarthy Stone’s lovely developments, you are guaranteed a buyer. It is like having a committed cash purchaser, which has several clear advantages. The main one being that it makes the whole process of moving that much easier – you will have none of the worries usually associated with selling a property.

For a start, you will not have the frustration of potential buyers changing their minds at the last minute and pulling out of the deal. Nor will you have the hassle of opening up your home to viewings – or have to wait around while your potential buyer is getting their mortgage approved.

Added to this, a Part Exchange with McCarthy Stone means the whole process will be so much faster. You can be completed very quickly, should you wish it. And not only does moving and selling become fast and reassuringly easy, it is also a very cost-effective proposition.

Using Part Exchange means you will not be employing an estate agent – so you won’t have to pay their expensive fees. Nor will you have to spend any money on preparations for a house sale, such as pricey repairs and redecoration (which agents often say are essential to attract buyers). You can also potentially save on solicitor’s fees, because on some selected developments McCarthy Stone can contribute £1,000 towards your costs.

Moving house is regularly cited as one of life’s most stressful experiences, which is why we also offer a free removals service as part of the Part Exchange arrangement. Not only can our specialist removers take away all the anxiety about moving your life’s possessions, they can save you money, too.

Our removals teams will talk through want you want to keep and help you to de-clutter. They will do all your packing and unpack at the other end, all at no extra charge. (They might ask for a cup of tea, though!) All of which means that you will be able to settle into your new home as quickly and as comfortably as possible, and at minimum expense.

We know how overwhelming it can feel to have to move everything on one day. This is why a Part Exchange with McCarthy Stone is also extremely flexible. With our service, you don’t actually have to move everything out of your old home on the same day. So long as you have completed, you can take up to two weeks to complete the move. Whatever works best for you. This is just another of the many free advantages of our carefully designed service.

We should add that Part Exchange also helps us – as a developer, we have sound business reasons for offering this service, as we want to sell our lovely homes! So, Part Exchange helps us to sell almost as much as it helps you to buy.

McCarthy Stone offers a range of stylish developments in beautiful settings all around the country, many of which offer Part Exchange – so there is a wide choice, with something for everyone.

Our trusted Part Exchange Partners can help you through the process so that, once you have chosen your new apartment, we can arrange for one of them to visit you. If your home qualifies, our Partners will instruct two independent local estate agents and an RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) professional to survey and value it.

They will recommend a price based upon the value of your home. After we have received this, we will discuss it with you. The valuations are free and there is no rush and, equally, no obligation. If you are happy with the recommended price and decide to proceed, we can then reserve the new McCarthy Stone home you have chosen.

You can reserve your apartment for as little as £500. After that, we will work efficiently with your solicitor to ensure the sale is completed as smoothly and as quickly as possible. However, do bear in mind that to achieve a quick sale, the price you receive for your original home might be lower than if you were to put in on the open market via an estate agent and begin the process of waiting for the right buyer.

So, while selling on the open market may give you a better price, we want to ensure you are aware that it is still an option available to you. For many of our homeowners, though, Part Exchange is a huge relief and an unbeatable proposition. It is straightforward, fast and removes all that hassle and worry.

This is probably why McCarthy Stone has been awarded the five-star rating for customer satisfaction, in an independent survey conducted by the Home Builders Federation, for the past 12 years. But then, that is what we do; we make life easier.

Have a look through our 10 ten most frequently asked questions here, to see what some of our policies and processes involve!

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