Living on the Coast

Sun, sea and beautiful beaches

From your morning dip in the ocean to the festive atmosphere of a seaside resort, a retirement property by the sea is the ideal way to stay relaxed, active and inspired during your retirement. With our coastal retirement properties, as well as being within touching distance of the water, you’ll also be able to take long walks on the beach, find new hobbies and be close to your new local town.

Lifestyle in the area

Lifestyle on the Coast

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Retiring to the coast can open up all sorts of opportunities for a variety of lifestyle choices, allowing you to meet like-minded individuals and learn new skills. You can take a refreshing morning swim, sunbathe on the beach, hike up to the cliff-tops or sail a boat around the marina – and you can do it all in a single day.

In fact, research suggests that the closer you live to the sea, the healthier you are. So whether you want to learn to surf, catch a few fish, relax on a boat tour or cycle across the hills, it's easy to keep up an active retirement when you're in a place that's geared towards the great outdoors. Plus, with so many local clubs and learning centres, it’s easy to make new friends while you learn a new hobby.

Developments by the sea