Our approach to fire remediation and the Government pledge

We fully support the principle that leaseholders should not have to pay for costs associated with life-critical fire-safety remediation in buildings over 11 metres. 

As such, we have signed the Government’s pledge letter to help leaseholders in the buildings for which we are responsible find a sustainable solution to this issue. A copy of this pledge is available below.

We are the long-term operator of the 475 retirement communities that we have built since 2010. While the vast majority of our managed developments are low rise schemes, and built using brick and render, we are committed to addressing remediation issues across these managed communities. 

We have a very small number of developments over 11 metres that require this type of remediation, but where work is required, and in line with the pledge, we will fully fund and undertake this work. Our homeowners will not pay anything. 

This is essential as retirement communities require long-term and high-quality operational involvement to be effective and to ensure our elderly customers are properly supported and protected.

If you would like any further information, please let us know.