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Part Exchange: "It took all the stress and strain away"

We caught up with homeowner Mrs Pinkney in Lincolnshire to hear how she found using McCarthy Stone's Part Exchange Service

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Posted 04 November 2016
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Part Exchange: "It took all the stress and strain away"

We caught up with homeowner Mrs Pinkney in Lincolnshire to hear how she found using McCarthy Stone's Part Exchange Service

Mrs Pauline Pinkney (65) and her husband John (78) bought a one-bedroom apartment in Avalon Court, Newport Lincoln.

Why did you choose Part Exchange?

It was quick with no pressure. And we needed to move as I had been ill. They gave us a very good price for our old house.

How did Part Exchange work?

They took everything out of our hands and it took all the strain and stress away from us. We were very happy.

What do you like best about living in Avalon Court?

Basically, it is like being on holiday. We can do what we want, when we want. The area we live in is amazing. We cannot fault it.

What are the local amenities like?

We are about a five-minute walk from the old part of town and the cathedral and there is lots and lots going on. When we walk up to that area, we feel just like tourists. 

How did you find the removal service?

Very fast. We moved in three weeks. It was amazing. It was very good for us because we needed to move. Now the family realise it was the right thing for us to do.

How convenient is your new apartment?

It’s a small apartment, so we can manage it easily and we could bring our little dog with us. It is also easy to shut up and go away if we want and there is always someone to keep an eye on it for us.

What is the bathroom like?

I love the fact that we have a really huge shower. I am not infirm yet but when that time arrives it will be easy to be assisted.

Is the kitchen easy to cook in?

Yes. I like the fact that it is small and easily accessible from one side to the other! And I have everything I want.

Were there any repairs to sort out?

Within the first two years, a few little things went wrong – as they always do when you move into a new place – and they sorted it all. I can’t complain.

How is the building maintained?

Anything that we’ve needed, they have come up with the answers or come up with the goods.

What happens when friends or family want to visit?

We moved from a big four-bedroom house to a one-bed apartment and it is a big jump. When our grandchildren visit, they stay on a put-up bed, but if older members of the family come, we book the guest suite and it works really well.

What is the social life like in Avalon Court?

It’s very nice. There are lots of things going on. We have coffee mornings, social events and organised outings. Today, we have an afternoon tea. Next week, there is a quiz night. We lived in a small town that had no facilities whatsoever and I had lost my driving licence, so it was very isolating. Now that we have moved here, to Avalon Court, I am not isolated here at all; it’s just been amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. 

Is it easy to mix and meet people?

Yes, very. We have two lounges, (because there are two buildings, one older and one newer); one is a quiet lounge and a busy lounge, which is quite nice really. There are always things going on.

How safe do you feel, living there?

We feel 100 per cent secure. My husband was in hospital recently and I was here by myself, but it was not a problem. And I had no qualms about coming home late in the evening from the hospital.

Is Avalon Court a friendly place to live?

Yes. When my husband was in hospital, my neighbours were very reassuring and helpful. So was the house manager. Everyone rallies around and when you’re away, your property is looked after.

Is there outdoor space?

Yes, but the gardens are not extensive. But just across the road is the university which has beautiful gardens and they welcome us.

What are the staff like?

The house manager is fantastic; really lovely. And if we need anything done, they just come!

Has the move been a positive thing for you and your husband?

Yes. I would recommend moving into a McCarthy Stone development to anyone who is at this stage in life. I am a very big advocate.

Pauline and John found their move stress-free and are loving their new home at McCarthy Stone. See how we can make your life easier by searching here for your new retirement apartment today!


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