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Part Exchange: Making moving in easier in Glasgow

Rhoda tells us all about her journey to her brand new retirement apartment and how Part Exchange made it easier...

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Posted 07 November 2016
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Part Exchange: Making moving in easier in Glasgow

What did Rhoda love about our Part Exchange process?

Rhoda Landa (95) bought an apartment in an Assisted Living development, Hilltree Court, in Glasgow three years ago.

Why did you choose Part Exchange?

We’d put my house on the market, but we’d had no interest and we were in a hurry, as I needed to move. So my daughters and I decided to do Part Exchange. It’s worked out really well.

Were there many benefits choosing Part Exchange?

Yes. It took a tremendous amount of pressure off of me and my daughters. It also took away the strain of having loads of people coming through the house. It was very easy.

Did you get a good price for your house?

Yes. You don’t get quite as much as if you’d sold it yourself, but you cannot expect to get the price you want when all that stress and strain is taken off your hands like that.

How quick was your move?

It felt like five minutes! I was able to move within weeks. It was very fast and they made it all very easy.

What was McCarthy Stone’s decluttering service like?

It was fantastic. My daughters were running up and down to the charity and the removal people said not to bother, that they would take away all the stuff I didn’t want. So we put everything I wanted in one room and they took away everything else.

And was the removal service good?

They were all very helpful. I walked into my new apartment, sat in my chair and everything of mine, that I wanted, was there, unpacked and in place. It could not have been easier.

What do you like about your new apartment?

I like the fact that I am in my own home, with my own furniture. If I want to be quiet and by myself I can, and if I want company I can have it. 

What is your apartment like?

It’s a beautiful flat with lots of helpful extras: for example, all the plugs are at waist level. I feel safe at night and there are always people around. It’s a huge relief for me, and my family. I am very happy.

What's the best thing about it?

I like the bathroom. It’s set up with a sloping floor so water drains away easily and you do not need to shut the shower curtain. It also has wheelchair access, it’s that big!

Which amenities in the development do you like best?

There is a small dining room where I can have lunch every day, if I want. The meals are very well balanced. And there is a beautiful lounge where we all gather after lunch and socialise. And the staff are adorable, they really are.

Are the local facilities near the development good?

Just across the road is a Morrisons supermarket, so I can do my shopping. A deli is just round the corner. I just give them a ring and tell them what I want. And there are lovely shops and restaurants all around and the bus stop is just outside my front door. It’s a fantastic area.

What is the social life like?

I have been here three years and have made lots of friends. I have taken up singing lessons. I am the worst singer in the world but I love it, even though I am pretty deaf! 

Are there many clubs?

Yes, I joined the cinema club which is lovely, but I keep falling asleep, which can be a bit of a problem.

What happens when you need to have repairs done?

I only ever have needed little things done, like having the light bulb in my laundry cupboard replaced or new telephone batteries, and they sorted them immediately. They are very good.

Is it helpful having a general manager in the building?

Oh yes. I use taxis a lot and I just phone downstairs and ask them to book me one and the manager always does so.

Is it easy for family and friends to stay and visit?

Yes, there is a lovely guest suite and it is easy to book.

Is it a nice place to live?

Yes. They are not in your face, and you have your dignity and independence but at the same time, you feel safe. You know that there are people around, which is nice.

Do you feel you belong?

I am in my own home and it’s lovely. Everything is new and fresh. And I feel safe. And if I want company, I have it. I am not lonely.

Would you recommend Part Exchange to others?

Yes. McCarthy Stone helped a great deal; but also so did my family. We all did it together. 

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