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"In my window box" - Peter Hall, homeowner

Edward Place, Walton on Thames, Surrey

Peter took this amazing image of robin chicks with a Canon 760D with a Tamron 16-300mm lens.

“One of our neighbours in Edward Place has a window box on their Juliet balcony. A robin had nested in it and he asked me to take some pictures for him. I was about five feet away, in the lounge with the window open. There were 5 eggs in the nest and about two weeks after hatching, all had gone!” explains Peter, adding, “I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I usually take wildlife, landscape photos and produce a calendar sent to family and friends each year.”

Peter is 74 years old and brought their two-bed apartment two years ago with his wife, taking full advantage of the Smooth Move service. Their son is a paediatric consultant at Southampton Hospital and their daughter is a General Manager at the Royal London Hospital and they have four grandchildren.

You can see more of Peter’s photos on his website: www.peterjhall.com

"A place to sit and rest, Companions Court at it’s very best" - Judith Rossall, homeowner

Companions Court, Wickersley, South Yorkshire

Judith took this gorgeous photograph of the gardens at Companions Court on her iPhone.

She says, ‘It had been a bright sunny day and the patio was looking spectacular so I wanted to capture this in a photo. I’m always taking photos of the garden at Companions Court. I am particularly interested in photos showing the different seasons.

“In my previous home we had extensive gardens that were my pride and joy so I try to bring some of the happy memories to my new home for all to enjoy.”

Judith is '77 years young’ and has been married for 52 years.

"Baby squirrels playing" - Hugh Wicks, homeowner

Banks Place, Wroughton, Wiltshire

Hugh took this sweet image with his Canon SX50 from his first floor balcony at Banks Place.

“I spotted the baby squirrels playing and thought it would make a good picture,” he explains. “I've been taking photos for the last 66 years (started when I was 10). I've read photographic books and think I know a good image when I see one. I've developed a style over the years which seems to work. I am influenced by the impressionist painter Camille Pissarro. I'll photograph anything that looks interesting. I'm not too keen on photographing people. Except the wife!”

Hugh adds, “Banks Place is a very friendly place to live, has a great manager in Kimberley and is in a wonderful location. I have done a few presentations with pictures for our residents pre Covid19 … photographic extravaganzas, which seem to be well appreciated. I look forward to once again being able to show more.”

Hugh has been happily married to Jill for 52 years and spent most of his working life in management roles in manufacturing.

"Bath Gate Place" - Nathalie Bradley, House Manager

Bath Gate Place, Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Nathalie look this stunning image of the gardens at Bath Gate Place with her Samsung mobile phone.

She says, “I chose it because the wall was an interesting subject and the colours were stunning at that time of the morning. I’m a total amateur, but my father is a keen photographer…maybe it is a talent he passed on to me! I enjoy photographing landscapes and had a recent holiday in Wales and took some fantastic photos from the top of the Sugar Loaf… the views were worth every huff and puff on the way up!

“I absolutely love my role as House Manager…I love the challenge that each day brings, be it finding myself up on the roof learning about the structure of the building…or being able to support my homeowners through the good and at times the not so good! Sometimes, doing what seems to be the smallest of things, brings the most joy to people and that is one of the reasons I took the role here.”

Nathalie also loves taking pictures of her three children, three stepchildren and four grandchildren - plenty to occupy her camera with!

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