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Looking after yourself

a cake with a cake on it
Health and wellbeing
Posted 23 November 2020
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Looking after yourself

Self-care is more important than ever. Take time to look after yourself, this year has really taken its toll. We promise some of life's simplest pleasures will make you smile, so why not give them a go...


house plants

A happy reminder to relax and stay calm

a person holding a small metal object

listen to your favourite songs

Turn it up loud and proud!

a stone statue of a person

guided meditation

It can work wonders


call a friend

They will love to hear from you


learn online

We've said it before, it's never too late to learn something new

a cake with a cake on it

bake cakes

Is there a more comforting smell than freshly baked cakes in the oven?

a glass of beer

put on your best shoes

Parade around in them and feel a million dollars!



Write down all your wonderful stories and relive the memories as you do


lets get moving

Walking, running even stretching will burn energy and release feel-good endorphins. 

get painting

Don't paint for perfection, paint to feel great.

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