McCarthy & Stone Management Services

Keeping our management services in-house means that we control the quality and cost-effectiveness of the services delivered to our homeowners. 

McCarthy & Stone Management Services (MSMS) provide high standards of service, with our charges representing excellent value for money. Management Services is the section of the business that looks after the day-to-day running of each development and taking care of those menial, everyday tasks so that our residents can concentrate on enjoying their retirement instead.

Here David Searle, Managing Director of Services, talks about how we deliver our services and what they could mean to you when it comes to retirement living to the full.

David Searle
We take responsibility for the bricks and mortar, but a far better way of describing our role is to think of us in terms of having a really great neighbour: Someone friendly and caring who is looking out for you, while always happy to lend an ear or give some practical advice.

"At both Retirement Living and Retirement Living PLUS developments our House Managers and Estate Managers act as our eyes and ears. These are the friendly faces taking care of the practicalities of running the development. But just as importantly, they are also there to help facilitate the shared social activities our residents can choose to get involved with, while living their retirement to the full. When it comes to Retirement Living PLUS our residents have all the benefits of Retirement Living with the additional benefits of 24 hour staffing, a restaurant/bistro, domestic assistance and, when required, personal care*".

Good to know: 92% of our residents said that their House/Estates Manager is approachable and listens to their issues.

YourLife Management Services 

Jeanette Martin, Care Director of YourLife Management Services, who looks after Retirement Living PLUS developments, explains how our domestic and personal care packages are tailor-made to suit you.

"Retirement living to the full is the ethos behind every service we provide. We see it as our job to make your life easier, so that you can concentrate on enjoying it even more. That might mean providing a little more help, as and when you need it, with tailor-made support packages that are only ever delivered by people you know. After all, none of us feels particularly comfortable with a stranger knocking at the door, whatever stage of life we’re at.

And so, if you need extra help getting up and ready in the morning then it will be provided by a member of the same team that serves lunch in the restaurant and keeps the hallways and communal lounges clean."

Our fantastic teams work round the clock ensuring that every homeowner’s needs are catered for. We don’t do strangers here; each face is a familiar one.

"Our fantastic teams work round the clock helping to ensure that every resident's personal care needs are catered for*. We don’t do strangers here; each face is a familiar one, whether you want someone to vacuum your lounge or need more personal assistance perhaps with bathing, dressing or your morning shave. Nor do we believe in ‘one size fits all’ care packages – everything we provide is tailored to each resident’s particular wants and needs*. Up to an hour’s domestic assistance each week is built into the annual service charge, and for many residents that’s enough.

We work with you to come up with a package that suits you, with you only paying for the services you use. Meanwhile, as well as practical help, such as picking up groceries and accompanying residents to GP or hospital appointments, there’s a lifestyle element to what we can offer too. Some residents feel they’d benefit from a little extra support when they’re out and about, and so take advantage of the companionship services we offer.

Crucially, the level of help can go up or down according to a resident’s needs. Say you had a fall, an illness, or were newly home from a hospital stay, you might want some extra support for a few days or even weeks. Then, once you were back on your feet that could be scaled back, according to your wishes. In other words, we’re there for you when you need us. As well as being available as back-up, even when you don’t."

*Subject to a limit.