retirement living at McCarthy Stone

What is a Retirement Village?

Sometimes it's good to know you have support

One of the best parts of retirement is having the freedom to spend more time with your friends, family and loved ones.

That's why retirement villages and our developments are becoming increasingly popular. At both a retirement village and a McCarthy Stone retirement community, you can keep your independent lifestyle and still be part of a supportive community of like-minded people where extra help is available, should it be required.

In many ways, a retirement village is similar to a McCarthy Stone development. In both cases, you'll have:

  • A secure, self-contained property.
  • Shared spaces and gardens that are professionally maintained.
  • A little extra help and support if you ever need it.
  • A community of friendly neighbours, where you can mix and socialise as much or as little as you like.

How is a McCarthy Stone Development Different?

Retirement villages in the UK are usually large-scale developments of up to 250 homes. Often, they’re built outside towns and are designed as complete neighbourhoods. They often come with a range of internal services, such as a health club, a café, a swimming pool and a pub.

For some people, it's a convenient option, and many residents like having a range of facilities within a self-contained development. But, others might not like the idea of relying too much on just what's on offer in the village, and they may feel like their distance away from a town centre might make it harder to visit friends and family outside of the community.

Our retirement communities are typically built in well-connected central locations, and our smaller-sized communities of around 40 properties make it easier for us to give the right level of personal care and support. 

Instead of providing our own pubs and cafés, we build properties that are either in, or close to, town centres, so you can easily visit and meet people both inside and outside the development. This way, you'll have a full range of shops, restaurants and public transport within easy reach. 

As a result, 91% of our customers have told us they have good access to local amenities [1] and nine out of 10 customers say their new property has improved their quality of life [2].

What if I Need Some Extra Help?

We offer three types of development depending on the level of support you need: Lifestyle Living, Retirement Living and Retirement Living PLUS.

With a Lifestyle Living development, you’ll receive: 

  • A secure, self-contained property that you own, rent or Part Buy Part Rent.
  • A high level of security, with door camera entry, a fire detection system and, at selected developments, a gated car park. 
  • Communal areas to socialise and meet new people.
  • A private outdoor space or balcony. 
  • All the gardening and exterior maintenance taken care of. 
  • A 24-hour emergency call system.

If you need a little extra support, then in a Retirement Living and Retirement Living PLUS development, you'll also find:

  • A friendly House Manager who's on-site during office hours.
  • A guest suite for visitors to stay in.
  • WIFI in shared areas. 
  • DBS checked staff who are on-hand to help. 

If you’d like even more support, then in a Retirement Living PLUS property, you'll also get:

  • An Estate Management team that's on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • One hour of help around the house each week as standard provided by our in-house YourLife Management Services (YLMS) team. All of our staff are DBS checked and YLMS is registered with the CQC. 
  • A flexible level of personal care, so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.
  • A table service restaurant that's open every day.

At our Retirement Living PLUS developments, we have around 5,000 homeowners and 1,200 members of staff [3], which makes us the largest provider of new housing each year and the largest private operator in the sector, delivering 35,000 hours of care and support each month [4] .

We pride ourselves on making a profound difference to the lives of our customers, so if you'd like to own a luxury home with the same feeling of community and independence as a retirement village in the UK – but with all the convenience of being close to a town centre – start your search for a retirement property today.

[1] Homeowners survey (2017)
[2] Survey of homeowners by the NHBC and HBF (2017)
[3] Figures correct as of 31 May 2019
[4] Figures correct as of 31 May 2019