1. Terms and Conditions apply.
2. To receive the referral fee shown on your promotional leaflet or website, you must refer someone (a friend) to us who reserves a property and then goes on to legally complete on a new property on one of our developments by the date shown on your promotional leaflet or website.
3. McCarthy & Stone reserves the right to claim back any referral fee applied through Refer a Friend if fraud or abuse is suspected or a referral fee is paid in error.
4. If your friend is on our database on the date we are notified of the referral then you will not be eligible for a referral fee.
5. At the time of the referral, your friend must not have already been recommended by anyone else.
6. The referral fee will be paid by cheque which will be issued to both you within 28 days of your friend completing their property purchase.
7. Referral fees will not be applied retrospectively.
8. By providing us with your contact details you agree that we will use your personal data to administer Refer a Friend, for instance to post any referral fee to you.
9. If you pass your friend’s details to McCarthy & Stone, you confirm that you have your friend’s permission to do so.
10. This offer is available in conjunction with other offers.
11. McCarthy & Stone reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.