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Rockstars offers you the chance to make a real difference in our communities through volunteering. Simply sign up to browse opportunities in your area.

2020 has taught us a lot about the dedication, resilience and kindness of our homeowners and our teams. It’s strengthened our belief that community starts with the McCarthy & Stone family – our employees and homeowners alike, and that as a business we have a responsibility to give something back. One of the ways we can do that is through volunteering.


You can make a difference

Volunteers make a vital contribution in our communities, sharing a range of skills and knowledge and supporting people in numerous ways, big and small. Opportunities include things like helping out at social events, teaching art classes or befriending homeowners who are having to stay at home more. And the great news is that the benefits of volunteering are felt by everyone involved, not least the volunteers. Most volunteers find it extremely rewarding and enjoy an increased sense of purpose and wellbeing.

What skills do I need?

Everyone has skills that can play a vital part in helping other people, from teaching IT, to being a friendly voice on the end of a phone, or helping to pack up chairs after a party. The Rockstars app helps you to match your skills and availability to local volunteering opportunities.

Why did we create Rockstars?

Hundreds of people in our business and across our communities stepped up to volunteer in 2020. We want to harness that positive energy and channel it into something sustainable for the long term.The Rockstars Volunteering Programme gives our homeowners, employees, family and friends and corporate partners the chance to share in our vision and purpose.


How much time do I need to commit?

By signing up you are expressing your interest in volunteering - there is no commitment. The app gives you the option to browse opportunities in your area and help out as little or often as you can – whether that’s an hour a week or an afternoon a year, it’s entirely up to you.

Who can sign up? 

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