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A striking and historical seaside town

Scarborough is often considered to be the original UK seaside resort and as such the town’s sights and attractions are stunning, providing plenty to do and see. From the fascinating history, to the beautiful beaches and variety of top amenities, this North Yorkshire gem can be an ideal place to retire – and what better place to do so than in one of our luxury retirement homes in Scarborough?

Lifestyle in the area

Lifestyle in Scarborough

Retirement Homes in Scarborough

From the ruins of Scarborough Castle, to the oldest surviving rowing club, the captivating Rotunda Museum and of course its sprawling beachfront, Scarborough is brimming with great attractions. As such, it’s perfect for families to visit you and there are plenty of great hotels and places for them to stay dotted around the town.

Better still, there’s lots of modern entertainment options that all ages can enjoy. The Scarborough Open Air Theatre plays host to star-studded concerts and galas, while the Scarborough Spa Orchestra play several concerts a week - as many as 10 during the summer months.

Mary Heath

"We're much happier. Well I am, yes! I mean I did have some doubts, what am I going to do, you know, stuck in a two-bedroom apartment all day long with nothing to do. Now I am working out when am I going to get a break!"