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Discover an area steeped in history and close to London

Nestled close to the River Thames, Maidenhead provides the perfect balance for many retirees. Our retirement homes in Maidenhead leave you close to the idyllic countryside while also putting you half an hour’s train ride away from central London. If you’re looking for rural living with plenty of opportunities to stay active and well-connected, then Maidenhead may be the perfect retirement location for you.

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Windsor Castle, Berkshire


Maidenhead is packed with various landmarks and architecturally significant buildings. The clock tower in the town centre was built for Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee, while All Saints’ Church is widely regarded to be one of the finest architectural examples of the work of architect G. E. Street.

Dotted around the town, you will also discover various statues and tributes, which form a recognisable image of the town itself. These include the Boy and the Boat, the Maudsley Memorial Garden and The Cannon. Further afield, you can also explore the beautiful Cliveden House. At this Italian-inspired mansion, you’ll find 375 acres of gardens, woodland and paddocks to explore.

Smooth Move - John Clarke
“I love being independent – I can do what I like. I don’t feel old and I don’t think I ever will. I’m just enjoying living my best life here, and I look forward to the future.”