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Explore a town that’s packed with history

With a busy town centre, a rich industrial heritage and the entire city of London within easy reach, Luton is an ideal place to start a new adventure. Our retirement properties in Luton allow you to enjoy a retirement that’s as relaxing or as active as you like. Whether you’d rather be close to the rambles of the Chiltern Hills or the town’s centre, our properties provide you with the best of both worlds. 

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Lifestyle in Luton

Wrest Park, Luton


From the 800-year-old St Mary's Church to the modern hat-making and automotive industries, there's plenty to admire around the town. You can visit the Wardown Park Museum, which includes a collection of military and textile items housed in a Victorian mansion, or take a tour of the Stockwood Discovery Centre, the home of the largest horse-drawn carriage collection in the UK.

A little further out from the centre, you can visit the Paris-inspired country house at Wrest Park, which covers over 100 acres of land and 40 statues, or see the ruins of the 15th century Someries Castle near Hyde.

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“It’s just wonderful here and our social life has completely transformed since we moved in … McCarthy Stone has made the whole journey easy and stress-free.”