Retire to the city 

With top-notch transport and a thrumming metropolitan mix of people, our inner city Retirement Living and Retirement Living PLUS properties for sale or for rent offer the best cultural, shopping, amenities and entertainment experiences on the doorstep.

Inner city retirement living 

A park in Leeds

With an inner city retirement property of you'll have museums and galleries close to home, as well as access to some of the best sports centres, libraries and landscaped parks and gardens in the country.

Whichever city you choose to live in, getting around town is rarely a problem. Between trams, underground trains, taxis and the extensive networks of buses, you can get anywhere you need to without a fuss. As well as getting around on local transport, retiring to a city centre means you'll be better connected to every other part of the country, too. You'll be close to the airport when you jet off on holiday, and you can easily take a cross-country train to visit your friends and family. 

Devonshire Place Buxton front view CGI

Types of developments

Want to know the difference between Retirement Living and Retirement Living PLUS properties? Discover which is the right for your lifestyle here.
McCarthy Stone Resales team member explains the process of selling a retirement flat to a retiree.

Flexible occupancy options

You’ve found an amazing apartment‚ but do you want buy it, rent it, or Part Buy, Part Rent? Find an option to suit you.
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Cut your living costs

Concerned about the rising cost of living? Don’t compromise! McCarthy Stone can help you cut your costs and still enjoy the lively lifestyle you deserve.
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