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Retire to an area that’s brimming with nature

From the vast heritage of the city to the sleepy villages of the Cotswolds, Gloucester could be just the place for you to spend your twilight years. Gloucester provides the perfect blend for many retirees, and our retirement properties in Gloucester allow you to discover a city that’s steeped in history and enjoy the very best of the great outdoors.

Retire to Gloucester

Gloucester Cathedral


As a Roman-founded city featuring a Gothic cathedral, it's no surprise that Gloucester has lots of heritage to admire. You'll see half-timbered houses and buildings from the medieval and Tudor periods, and it's just a short walk from the city centre to the 200-year-old Gloucester Docks and its 15 Victorian warehouses.

Gloucester’s famous cathedral has been at the centre of the city’s religious worship for 1,300 years. It was the setting for the crowning of King Henry II in 1216, and it's the place where the murdered King Edward II was buried in 1327. Today, visitors can tour the subterranean crypts, climb nearly 300 steps to the top of the tower, or simply admire the impressive architecture, stained glass windows and historic artefacts.

Jackie Follett Testimonial
“As if moving into my beautiful new apartment wasn’t enough, everything that led up to the move was handled by McCarthy Stone. I couldn’t believe how easy it all turned out to be; I was left with just two boxes to unpack which suited me and Meira just fine.”