Sherwood Forest, East Midlands


From Ice Age art to the legend of Robin Hood, Nottinghamshire has a rich history to discover, including castles, caves, culture and nature.

When you think of Nottinghamshire, Sherwood Forest and the stories of Robin Hood are probably at the forefront of your mind, but there is much more to see in this historic and beautiful county in the East Midlands. From the oldest cave art in the UK at Creswell Crags to the 13th Century manmade caves below Nottingham, the county is full of unique treasures. Above the surface you’ll find stately homes, like the imposing Elizabethan Wollaton Hall, with its grand gardens and deer park and atmospheric ancient castles, like Nottingham Castle and Newark Castle.


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Transport and connections
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Transport and connections

All McCarthy Stone retirement property in Nottinghamshire offers easy access to amenities and attractions, so you can make the most of this unique county.

Other than a brief stretch of the M1, which runs past Nottingham, there are no motorways in the county - however the proximity of the M1 does mean you can get from Nottinghamshire to London in around three hours. From Worksop you can be in Norwich and the stunning Norfolk Coast in around two and a half hours via the A1. Most of Nottinghamshire is connected internally and externally by A roads and the region is well supported by regular bus routes.

You’ll find regular train services between the larger towns. Nottingham to Sheffield, for instance takes around an hour. For international travel, East Midlands Airport, Castle Donnington or Doncaster Sheffield airport provide convenient options. 


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