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East Anglia, formally known as the Kingdom of East Anglia, or the Kingdom of East Angles, is an area in the East of England combining Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire - though some claim it also stretches into Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. From the 6th century onwards, it was a small independent realm and it joined the Kingdom of England in 918. As you’d expect, the area is steeped in history, as well as boasting a vast array of attractions and outstanding natural beauty. Being a kingdom, it even has an East Anglia flag!


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Norfolk Broads

There’s a never-ending supply of surprising and entertaining days out in East Anglia. From Sandringham, Kings Lynn, to the Italianate Palace of Ickworth; the illustrious Cambridge University to East Anglia Transport museum, Lowestoft; the area is packed with historic attractions and legends. Could you be the one to find Bad King John’s lost treasure in East Anglia? The story goes he lost a fortune in the Wash National Nature Reserve in Norfolk in 1216.

Then, of course, there are the tranquil canals and waterways of the beautiful Norfolk Broads National Park and the 500 miles of gorgeous coastline to explore. So what are the best beaches in East Anglia? You’ll be spoilt for choice but try Gorleston-on-Sea Beach, Horsey Beach, Old Hunstanton Beach and Holkham Bay – or for seal spotting you can’t beat Blakeney Point.

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