Retire to the country 

If you hanker for a retirement surrounded by natural beauty, you’re not alone. That’s why we create so many of our wonderful Retirement Living and Retirement Living PLUS properties, for sale or for rent,  in rural idylls. From the Cotswolds to Cumbria, browse our pick of perfect properties for adventures in the great outdoors.

Retire to the countryside

A huge stately castle surrounded by a lake
Living in the country means being closer to Britain’s native animals, with nature conserves, National Trust locations and parks all close by. Being surrounded by picturesque views and British wildlife is a way of life that many people strive for and, in one of our locations near the countryside, it’s one that you’ll never tire of.

Our retirement properties in the country are in sought after areas, providing plenty of ways to stay busy.  Visit farmers’ markets, boutique shops, enjoy fresh produce and experience nature from the comfort of your own home, all while being close to community hotspots such as galleries and libraries.

Devonshire Place Buxton front view CGI

Types of developments

Want to know the difference between Retirement Living and Retirement Living PLUS properties? Discover which is the right for your lifestyle here.
McCarthy Stone Resales team member explains the process of selling a retirement flat to a retiree.

Flexible occupancy options

You’ve found an amazing apartment‚ but do you want buy it, rent it, or Part Buy, Part Rent? Find an option to suit you.
Estate manager and homeowner

Cut your living costs

Concerned about the rising cost of living? Don’t compromise! McCarthy Stone can help you cut your costs and still enjoy the lively lifestyle you deserve.
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