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Retire to Bath, a place where you can rejuvenate, relax and renew and which is famous for promoting wellbeing and wellness

Bath is Somerset’s largest city and this highly sought after place is home to everything from remarkable museums to stunning architecture, top amenities and ties to fascinating Roman history – the latter being where the city gets its name. As such, it’s a great choice for you to enjoy your golden years and we have a variety of luxury retirement homes in Bath, which could provide the perfect setting for doing so.

Retire to Bath


The city’s namesake Roman Baths is one of the top attractions near our retirement homes in Bath. Constructed around 70 AD, they remain one of the world’s best-preserved Roman structures. While you can visit and see the Baths for yourself, there’s also the museum section for you to explore, which will send you back thousands of years on a journey of discovery. 

Jumping forward in time from the Roman Empire, and if you love Jane Austen’s novels, then you can visit the Jane Austen Centre and immerse yourself in what life would be like in Regency times. Here you can explore the impact Bath itself had on Jane Austen’s life and writing, plus you can marvel at the centre’s classically Georgian townhouse.

Another of the most-famous attractions is the award-winning Thermae Bath Spa. Here you can relax in luxury spa facilities and enjoy the country’s only natural warm waters – much like the Romans and Celts did thousands of years ago.