Reselling your apartment

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If you are looking to buy or re-sell a previously-owned McCarthy & Stone apartment, then we can help. We work with an independent, dedicated retirement resale specialist, RetirementMove, to help homeowners and their families sell their apartments and put prospective customers in touch with sellers. You can speak with a member of RetirementMove’s friendly team on 0800 080 3080.

RetirementMove is a national estate agency specialising in selling retirement properties. It understands that buying or selling a retirement property is an emotional journey and takes an empathetic approach to the sales process by providing an experienced specialist agent who understands how to conduct retirement property viewings.

As our preferred resale agent, RetirementMove has an in-depth knowledge of the retirement market in each location and understands the retirement lifestyle, offering a personalised tailored service throughout the whole process.

Contact details for RetirementMove

Telephone: 0800 080 3080

Retaining value

We are pleased that the majority of apartments built by McCarthy & Stone increase in value when resold. However, as well as buying a beautiful apartment, our customers recognise that they are buying into a lifestyle based around security and companionship, as well as warmth, friendship, ease of maintenance, reduced responsibilities and enhanced wellbeing. As a result, the value of living in retirement housing is more than simply financial; it is also about helping our customers to live independently and have healthier, happier and, hopefully, longer lives.

Ensuring our apartments retain and improve in value has also been a focus for our business in recent years. We have made significant improvements to our products and services that further improve the quality of our developments, including:

  • Setting up an in-house management services team in 2010 with a dedication to high standards, providing a single end-to-end service for customers
  • Providing more internal space, en-suites, underfloor heating, walk-in wardrobes, improved bathrooms, level-access showers and enhanced kitchens
  • Removing exit fees* and introducing 999 year leases
  • Increasing car parking ratios

To support homeowners and their families, we also offer a deferred payment facility to cover service charges and ground rents for up to 12 months or longer in certain circumstances. This covers developments where the company is the freeholder or landlord. McCarthy & Stone will then recover the charges from the proceeds of the sale of the apartment when it is sold on. If you would like further information, please speak with your House or Estate Manager.

*A 1% contribution of the resale price still applies upon resale. This goes into the sinking fund (the contingency fund) for each development, and covers the maintenance of that scheme. There is also a small administration fee to cover the costs of checking that the incoming occupier meets the terms of the deed of conditions. Please contact our Property Transfer team on 01202 508299 for more detail.