Introducing the Greater Life Advisory Board

14 June 2012

Introducing McCarthy & Stone's new advisory board

Today McCarthy & Stone launched its new Greater Life Advisory Board, in which the members of the new non-executive advisory board are set to change attitudes to ageing gathered in London to demonstrate their commitment to the cause.

The Greater Life Advisory Board, which comprises six  professionals who all have experience of making later life decisions, threw pipes, slippers, walking sticks, OAP signs and other items associated with ageing into a rubbish bin. 

The new Greater Life Advisory Board members have been tasked with helping to re-imagine and re-engineer our products, services and general perceptions around ageing in a way that will help more people experience a greater life in later life.

The new non-executive advisory board members, who are all aged over 50, will help to inform new product development as well as supplement the company’s current lobbying activity in a bid to bring about positive, lasting change.

The new board members include Edwina Currie who became a Member of Parliament in 1983, where she spent 14 years and served as Minister under Margaret Thatcher in the Department of Health, responsible for public health and women’s health issues.

The picture which shows from left to right: Edwina Currie, Ian Gall, Abigail Kirby Harris, Steven Bedford, Sir Henry Every and Madeline McGill

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Other Comments:

Rosella “This is an excellent arctile with advice from other thought leaders like you. Your prediction of using Advisory Boards to build a business is very intriguing. Thanks for sharing it!”

McCarthy and Stone “Hi David. Thanks for your comment. We’re pleased to hear you are encouraged by our move to proactively seek the opinions of those in later life. We are leveraging the skills and experiences of our Greater Life Advisory Board members not only to help us with the design of our apartments but also with the development of new products and services, including the development of our new range of financial services – McCarthy & Stone Money. With regards to do any of the members have first hand experience of living in one of your apartments, none of them are residents but all do have firsthand experience through knowing family and friends who have lived in one of our developments. We do have an additional panel which is made of residents, who we also regularly consult and seek opinion from. Thank you for taking the time to comment and we hope you will continue to follow McCarthy & Stone with interest.”

David Starling “It is encouraging to learn that the design of McCarthy & Stone's retirment apartments will benefit from the input of elderly people with some knowledge of the living problems of the aged. Although it is not clear whether the new non-executive advisory board members actually have first hand experience of living in one of your apartments. David, Woodbridge”