Moving from the family home was never on the agenda

17 December 2013

Anne Holloway - McCarthy & Stone homeowner

Mrs Holloway is 86 and lived in Watford all her life. She was perfectly happy in her home in Cassisobury, Watford. She and her husband, a surveyor, had taken an interest in the building of McCarthy & Stone’s Nanterre Court development and watched it take shape. They contacted us to receive information about the build – but from a purely professional point of view.

Mrs Holloway commented: “I could have told you categorically I was not going to move anywhere. I was very lucky and had a lovely house in a desirable area where I was very comfortable. But one year, because my husband and I had enquired about the McCarthy & Stone development before he died, they sent me an invitation. It was Christmas time and they said ‘come and have a look at our show home and we’ll give you a Christmas hamper.

“Well, I had a look around the show apartment, with the brand new furniture and lovely curtains and I decided moving here was exactly what I needed to do. So I bought it, furniture and all!  I went home and phoned my family and they were all shocked! But they fully supported my decision and here I am."

Mrs Holloway is still fiercely independent. She has her own car and socialises a great deal.

She said: “What I love about it here is you are left to live your own life. It is not an ‘old peoples’ home’. I still have my own social circle.  There are no forced activities if you don’t want to join in. However if you are lonely and need support you’re surrounded by kind people and a caring House Manager.”

Mrs Holloway added: “I am totally settled here now. I love the fact that I have my own place and my family can come and stay but I don’t have to worry about having a new roof or fixing the drains. And because I sold my home and furniture I have more money in my pocket now than I ever have done in my life before. I’m a lucky lady. I haven’t had a moment’s regret since I moved in here.”

If you wish to find out more about Retirement Living in Watford call into the McCarthy & Stone sales suite on Hempstead Road or telephone the team on 0800 201 4743.


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