Love is in the air after 60 years apart

13 February 2014

Bill & Beryl find love after 60 years apart.

Six decades after first meeting during a chance encounter at a party, childhood sweethearts Bill and Beryl Haigh, have finally made their partnership official, tying the knot in an intimate ceremony after their love began to blossom once again in their later years. 

Although their lives had taken them in very different directions following their first courtship, the close bond of friendship always remained strong and the relationship was eventually cemented when they decided to move into Wingfield Court, Sherborne two years ago.

Beryl, who at 78 said: “I first met Bill when we were both 17 at a party and we struck up a friendship quite quickly. We went on the odd date but he had girlfriends and I had boyfriends. We both married other people, but stayed in touch as friends throughout.

It then wasn’t until nearly 50 years after they first met they decided it was time for them to be together permanently.

Beryl told us “It was a small and intimate ceremony, but it felt really momentous after it took us such a long time to get here. There were a lot of missed opportunities for us but now the time was just right and we’re all the better for it. All our family and friends are very happy for us and they are pleased to see us settled down now, especially my friends who have known how long Bill and I have been in each other’s lives.”

Just two years ago Beryl and Bill decided to make the move from their home to Wingfield Court and Beryl commented “The service was very good and we’re really pleased with the area, there is a lot to do in Sherborne, we really enjoy living here. Everyone at Wingfield Court is so friendly and last week the house manager and some of the other homeowners put on a celebration for us to congratulate us on the wedding. It was lovely.”

Beryl had some parting words of wisdom for any youngsters out there still searching for the one “I do sometimes think there has been time wasted but circumstances never allowed for us to be together, but now we couldn’t be happier. You have to have faith and if you think it’s going to happen it will eventually, you just have to be patient and time will allow when it’s right.”

Wingfield Court is an exclusive collection of 38 privately owned Retirement Living retirement apartments, located on Lenthay Road, Sherborne. For further information and to view the remaining apartments, please call McCarthy & Stone on 0800 201 4742 to make an appointment.  

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