A tablet could be a smart choice this Christmas

21 November 2013

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Don’t be put off by tech talk – the latest easy-to-use compact tablet computers could be the perfect choice to stay connected this Christmas. 

Follow this step-by-step guide that featured in our Summer issue of Life & Living to find the right tablet for you.

Small enough to slip in a bag –  some may even fit in a pocket; lightweight, compact tablets have revolutionised how we use computers. Accessing everything the online world has to offer has become far easier – and more relaxing – than ever before. You can forget all the faffing around with settling up a clunky computer at a desk and plugging in a mouse, keyboard and modem. Now you can curl up in a cosy chair with your tablet to browse the papers, listen to music, read novels and share photos with friends and family. Most tablets use touchscreen technology – you just tap and move your finger across the screen. It’s that easy to use.

Follow these tips to find the right tablet for you:

  1. Choosing your tablet. The storage space, mobile connection and screen size will affect the price. If you simply want a way to browse the web at home, you won’t need loads of built-in memory or need to connect from anywhere, so you can save on these features and go for 6GB or so of storage. Size-wise, the cheaper 7 inch tablets are more like books, while the slightly pricier 10 inch models are more like mini TV screens so better for watching films.
  2. Getting connected. Though pricier tablets can access the internet from anywhere using mobile phone technology, it’s much cheaper to set up a Wi-Fi connection at home. Most phone companies now offer very fast, and increasingly cheap, Wi-Fi packages with your monthly telephone package.
  3. Make it personal. Do you like reading travel articles in The Independent, gardening tips in The Times or culture in The Guardian? You can save specific web pages as bookmarked buttons on your tablet, then quickly access them at a touch, making it easy to access all your favourite sources. Or you can download apps that take you straight to these publications.
  4. Back it up! Like any computer, tablets can break down – and being portable you’re more likely to forget them after a long flight or train journey. Companies like Google, Apple and Dropbox offer simple ways to store your stuff securely online, where it is safe.

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