49 secrets to staying young at heart

11 April 2016

Being spontaneous, laughing a lot and regularly travelling around the world are the secrets to staying young at heart, it was revealed on the 4th April 2016. Always looking on the bright side of life, getting lots of fresh air and daily gossips with a best friend were also hailed as the reasons many people over 60 feel so young.

Our study, which surveyed 2,000 people aged 60 and over, reveals the top 49 secrets to staying energetic and young at heart - which includes drinking two glasses of wine a day, sprinkling goji berries onto morning muesli and reading erotic literature. And, by following the list every day, the average person claims to feel up to 13 years younger, and look nine years younger than they actually are.

We commissioned the study to launch a nationwide search for Britain’s most Colourful Characters: people aged 60+ who are living life to the full, redefining retirement and doing anything but acting their age! The study shows many mature adults attribute their youthful attitude to their refusal to completely cut out the things they enjoy – such as butter, alcohol and chocolate. Always having eight hours sleep a night, making an effort to socialise regularly and spending lots of time with the grandchildren were also included as tips on how to stay young. Meanwhile, a number of people believe they manage to have such a young outlook on life because they’re keeping up with the latest technologies, such as investing in a smart phone and regularly posting on social media.

Researchers discovered 76 per cent of those polled say that others are always surprised when they divulge their real age, and 89 per cent certainly feel younger than their actual age. In a bid to stay young 51 per cent of those polled intend to travel more during the next few years while 49 per cent want to go on lots more holidays.

More than a third of those polled want to embark on more exercise to try and stay as youthful as they can, and 31 per cent are intending to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Learning a new skill, investing in a whole new wardrobe and socialising more are some of the other ways the over 60’s intend to remain young and full of life.

One Colourful Character will be selected from each region by a panel of judges including TV personality Arlene Phillips and will receive a £100 experience voucher. They will then go head-to-head in a public vote on Facebook. The overall winner will carry the nation’s most Colourful Character, and will also be awarded the holiday of a lifetime, courtesy of Saga Holidays.

Top 49 ways to stay young at heart

  1. Laugh a lot, and at yourself
  2. Never believe you are ‘too old’ to do anything
  3. Always look on the bright side of life
  4. Exercise every day, even if it’s just walking
  5. Make sure you get fresh air everyday
  6. Refuse to cut out things you enjoy such as butter, alcohol, chocolate
  7. Avoid spending time with people who are unhappy or who grumble
  8. Always having 8 hours sleep a night
  9. Make an effort to socialise regularly
  10. Be spontaneous
  11. Spend lots of time with the grandchildren
  12. Stay up until 11pm
  13. Keep up with the latest technology
  14. Use Facebook
  15. Travel regularly around the world
  16. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good
  17. Take the time to look beautiful / well turned out
  18. Work / socialise with younger people
  19. Keep up with the latest TV shows
  20. Drink 2 glasses of wine a day
  21. Wear brightly coloured garments
  22. Invest in your first ‘smart phone’
  23. Daily gossips with a best friend
  24. Listen to new music in the charts
  25. Browse in high street shops like Top Shop and New Look
  26. Flirt with strangers
  27. Drink green tea
  28. Invest money in pretty things
  29. Monitor the number of steps you do in a day
  30. Use Twitter
  31. Watch reality television
  32. Take up yoga or Pilates
  33. Listen to Radio One
  34. Read racy literature
  35. Regularly attend gigs
  36. Try new alcoholic drinks
  37. Go to parties
  38. Buy an exercise bike
  39. Drive with the sunroof open
  40. Sprinkle goji berries, nuts or seeds on morning muesli
  41. Have a celebrity crush
  42. Use text speak or phrases like ‘lol’ or ‘cba’
  43. Wear amazing shoes
  44. Buy a flash sports car
  45. Upload photos of your young self on social media
  46. Dye your hair a wacky colour
  47. Get a tattoo
  48. Play football with friends of a similar age
  49. Pose for the camera when no-one is around

We are searching for the nation’s most Colourful Characters - people aged 60 and over who are living life to the full, redefining retirement and doing anything but acting their age! Tell us what makes you a colourful character.

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Lesley Dix “Living overseas and walking most days and treating myself to tapas afterwards in some wonderful restaurants. Writing a food blog about the best places to dine. Joining other ex pats to learn Spanish a couple of times a week. Being involved in a lovely walking group. Going to the cinema with a Spanish friend and watching films in Spanish. Painting abstract art facial features in watercolours and sometimes selling my art work. Travelling a lot especially to Paris to see my first grandchild aged 6 weeks. Listening to the top music in the UK on my I phone whilst walking.Dating and having fun in my continued search for a nice bloke. Meeting other ladies in Spain to dine with especially in Mojacar and the list goes on...”

Ollie Parker “Thanks a lot for your lovely comments, Daphne, Frank and Rosemary! All amazing suggestions on how you can stay young at heart.”

Rosemary Mayo-Franklin “SMILE & make someone happy every day. Give compliments and encouragement to family and friends. Live with a animal bird, fish or friend, be happily married. Eat healthy food, dance, sing, walk swim yoga ride a pony. SAIL A SHIP, CLIMB A MOUNTAIN. Travel play a musical instrument go to the theatre Concert Ballet opera Comedy. Plat table tennis & cards. Cycle join local choir. treat yourself to make overs. Paint pictures write poems have a romance. Go to the seaside make a sand-castle. Go on a hot air balloon picnic Go to Paris or Italy . Have a sense of humour, laugh a lot. See the beauty all around you and be happy with what you have got and the past and present. Dress and look amazing! love thy neighbour as yourself, Forgive and forget what does not please you. make your house and garden beautiful spend time with all ages. keep a diary and write down the names of any friends you make and their telephone numbers. keep in touch and let them know you love them be there when they need you and they will be there when you need them.”

Frank Cawthron “Brilliant!”

daphne newman “do tai chi and chi quong live each day believing it is the best day of your life if you live alone, have a pet or two to talk aloud to -- ie cursing or praising them, then it does not appear as if you are talking to yourself!! and it helps ventilate one's feelings ”